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  A scifi stand-alone novel based on the progression of Indian society in the Americas without interference of
  the white man culture or being considered as inferior by said culture. It involves a young woman who becomes the first
  female officially sanctioned by the Governmental High Counsel [GHC] to train for the prestigious position of Story Teller.
  Though technology has advanced to solar system space travel with the potential of inter stellar travel within sight, some
  of the old traditions have been clung to. Though many are not much more then ceremonial some are, for the most part,
  efforts rooted in practical reasoning. The Story Teller is one such tradition.

  The Story Tellers are members of an organization referred to as the Preservation Guild. The responsibility of the Story
  Teller is simply to remember, for preservation sake, the history of the race as it has evolved over thousand of years. And
  of course to update and hand the stories down to new Story Tellers as the Elder Story Tellers join their ancestors in The
  Great Spirit Sky. As you can imagine it is something that is no easy task. The memory must be extremely accurate and
  the Story Teller must be able to present it in chronological order to the elders of the High Counsel in power at the time, in
  the event that the technology of record keeping fails and is lost due to some unforeseen catastrophic occurrence. With
  the atmosphere of gender discrimination toward women still very prevalent in the culture, our main character, Knows with
  Eyes [or Knoweye], faces insurmountable odds to accomplish her goal to be the first of her gender to graduate, and with
  high honors in addition, from the highly esteemed GHC academy. To add to her dilemma she stumbles across a hidden
  agenda of the High Counsel that dates back to antiquity, the truth behind the disappearance of the legendary Pale Ones
  and the true origin of the Onyx Warriors. All while struggling with a love interest as threatening to her goals as is the
  culture of female gender discrimination that she is faced with.

  Union of the Gravity Keepers
  Book 1 THIRD STONE is the first of a trilogy of scifi novels. The second entitled TRISA. The third entitled LAFORNICA.
  It’s a story of epic proportions spanning generations and galaxies. It begins as a love between a boy of fifteen and a girl
  of fourteen living in New Jersey in the early 1960’s. A love whose influence spans galaxies, alters time itself, and travels
  to the literal end of the Universe. A love that will decide mankind’s continuance as a species. Nuff said.

  A true account of a father's journy into the world of tramatic brain injury with his daughter. It spans twenty-five years to
  date and stll counting. It is a story of family love and committment. A story of hope, faith and the power of the human
  experience. A story that has earned the right to be told.

  Books are not complete at this time.

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