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Points To Ponder


  Yes it is so. It is imagination that drives the human species
  regarding the arts, science, politics, relationships and more.
  It could be appropriately said that it drives all human endeavors.
  It is which drives the human spirit to soar above and beyond
  the constraints of distance, adversity and time itself. We are
  what we imagine ourselves to be. Nothing less, but nothing
  more. As our imagination reaches, then so do we reach. Stifle
  the quest and we are stifled. The worst of crimes is to kill that
  which drives our creativity.

  For to dream, to imagine, to quest for the higher achievement
  in mind and heart and spirituality, is basic to our very design.

More to Ponder

The written word stops neither for land or sea nor by the hand
of man. It transcends all boundaries, including time itself. Its insistent journey has begun to travois even the Universe.