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Entry 3 continued... And by all means do not look at your mate as a commodity for breeding and housekeeping as some cultures encourage their males. That’s not love for a woman. That’s love for self. Another love of self is infidelity. That’s a discussion in itself. It’s needless to say that there is nothing as quick to destroy the love a woman has for her mate then infidelity. Usually permanently so. And never distance yourself. A woman needs to know that she is your main desire regarding all facets of the relationship. And remember, the way you love a woman also reflects the quality of your self-respect and personal integrity before men and God. Has this basic answer been simple? Yes. But aren’t most answers simple? Is it not so that we as imperfect humans complicate everything we do, usually for the purpose of excusing ourselves for a lack good judgment. Or for following a course that we have been counseled against. Oh yes, the mechanics of love can be considered as the most complicated of our emotions. But just as an automobile is a complicated mechanical piece of equipment, its complexity does not present itself as a problem to the average driver until it is mishandled or not maintained appropriately. Such is so when considering love between a man and a woman. To simplify love for a woman to even a greater extent just apply the age-old golden rule, treat others the same as you wish to be treated. And one final thought. As powerful a factor as sex is, do not let its influence and prominence in our world culture lead you to confuse it with true love. Outside of commitment to your mate in marriage, it will prove, in spite of popular opinion and acceptance, to damage and offer no positive value to your life experience. Does this sound old fashion? It is. But new fashion certainly isn’t working, is it? Just stop, look and listen to the environment of relationships these days. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to arrive at the conclusion that present endeavors just aren’t working. Values regarding all types of human relationships continue to rapidly decline. Between nations, between couples and within families. My intension is not to cause the modernists or self-proclaimed free thinkers distress with my seemingly dogmatic assessment of this subject. They are certainly entitled to their opinions. But let us remember that anyone can put a spin on anything to promote their particular ideologies or try to realize their own agendas. In the final analysis though, upon close and honest examination… it is what it is. Con't on page 5 [Point to "Commentary" in the menu. See right for page submenu]