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Entry 3 continued... This seems to hold true more of those of youth then those more experienced in life. I have neither “the look”, the financial means, nor any powerful position that would indicate that I should have knowledge regarding the matter of love for a woman. Couple this fact with the fact that talented poets in memorial have tried to express in words the emotion of love, both of the passionate and the spiritual side and some quite eloquently, further raises the question, how would I know anything worthwhile on the subject? But I do know! How? Because I am in love and am so fortunate to have been so with the same woman for fifty plus years. I ran away to marry my girl when I was fifteen and she fourteen. Of course that is a story in itself. We have been through a lot. Some devastating things. Things that have destroyed other’s relationships when dealing with the same such things. How did we survive? To answer I will say that my wife feels the same as I. But since this is a commentary by the male member of this couple I will offer my personal opinion. For the purpose of brevity I will be to the point… To love a woman you must love her before and more than anything or anyone else, including your own children. Don’t misunderstand, loving your children is no insignificant thing. One should be motivated to give one’s life for the survival of their child. It’s just that the love of your heart must primarily be for your mate. She must be the priority in and of your life. She must know in her heart of hearts that you love her more than anyone else in the world could love her. You do the best if you both are unified in purpose of life regularly doing the things that she likes as well as sharing with her the things you like. I’d rather spend time and be with my mate rather than with anyone else or anywhere else. She is a joy to be with. I honestly look forward to being with her everyday. The passion though matured is not only no less, but even more today than when we met. To me that is how you love a woman. And by all means keep each other’s secrets, secret! For instance, never share with anyone your mate’s abilities or inabilities regarding your lovemaking. That is one of the things between you both that should remain private or secret. Never tell anyone about anything that should be kept as a private matter between you both as a couple. Even if she has a fantastic sense of humor, such secrets when made public, on some level have a negative impact and those negative impacts may prove cumulative. And when you are in disagreement and feeling hostile, never bring up anything from the past that belongs in the past. Apply the Biblical wisdom for married folks to never let the sun set with you and your mate in a provoked state. Con't on page 4 [Point to "Commentary" in the menu. See right for page submenu]