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Entry 2 continued... Then the same institutions inundate us with what? Paper advertisements that seem to go on incessantly, month after month. Often week after week. I recently signed up for necessary life insurance with a company with a fine reputation and a long history of being very professional and community spirited. They are one of the older companies with a solid reputation. They of course offered cyber payments encouraging its customers to sign up in support of the green movement to save the planet by preserving the trees by limiting paper consumption. Since my purchasing a policy I regularly receive (sometimes twice a week) special offers to sign up for more insurance. It’s not just a letter of advertisement but a package including rate and age tables, application forms, pages for opting out regarding third party related service providers, privacy information, etc. And of course the incentive page to sign up for cyber billing to save the environment. And this from a reputable company. In addition this has generated solicitation from other insurance companies for everything from auto insurance to insurance for my adolescent children. [My children are now in their later forties.] This practice is huge to the extent that it’s overwhelming, involving a majority of companies. Not to mention that such practice is out of control. My reasoning? It’s really all about the profit. Not the environment! Cyber billing eliminates jobs and resources for the purpose of attaining higher profit . Negative reasoning on my part? I don’t think so. Am I against the corporate world? Of course not. I’m against all the hype, the sometimes relentless badgering, the manipulation, the deception and often times down right lying. And to add insult to injury, such behavior often is perpetrated in the name of saving the environment. Isn’t it an unconscionable shame that such is now accepted as the norm? That the flavor of our social structure is so permeated with greed that once honorable companies have succumbed to such trends? And on a worldwide scale. Sound negative? Well is it not so? Next… To love a woman. [Tough subjet I think.] Entry 3 When I considered writing about love for a woman I thought that I bit off more than I could chew. After all, I certainly don’t look the type. I am short. A bit pudgy. Add age and balding, I’m definitely not the movie star type. It seems that when one does not have “the look” no one takes them seriously on the subject of love. It is such that in most all cultures the concept of love is related to looks, financial status, position in business or position in the community, etc. Con't on page 3 [Point to "Commentary" in the menu. See right for page submenu]