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[All commentary by site designer, Wm Marzean] [sMpE] LIFT OFF ... Entry 1 I guess the only way to start is to start. Please know that I don't think of myself as anyone special. I'm just an average person of my age with unfulfilled dreams and goals not reached that feels that I’m running out of time to accomplish even a minority of the things that at a younger age I reasoned was certainly attainable. Attainable because not only did I have all the time in the world but I was indestructible as well. Sound familiar? Those that are satisfied with what they have accomplished are often successful only because time and unforeseen circumstance has smiled favorably upon them. Those with a deliberate plan, even with much diligent hard work whose success when looked at honestly, still has been blessed with favorable time and unforeseen circumstance. Often simply being at the right place at the right time. We all seem to have the inclination to view the factor of time and unforeseen circumstance in the negative. As only applying to bad things, thinking of bad things happening because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But yes, there is a positive side to unforeseen circumstance. My personal observations have led me to conclude that success, or the lack of, is really what we perceive it to be. Which perception is periodically altered by time, our life experiences, and our often painfully accepted personal reality. Now the question arises, What is true reality? Is it not something different for all of us? Next… A point of hypocrisy regarding the Green Revolution. Entry 2 I can’t get over how corporate ideology seems to think that the common people (which we all wind up being at sometime or other and at some level) are so gullible. We are encouraged to do our banking, do our investing, pay our bills, fill out applications, etc, on line. We are also encouraged to receive all related information on line. Many companies now charge a service fee for paper billing as an incentive to go cyber. Why? To save the planet. To save the trees. To go GREEN! Con't on page 2 [Point to "Commentary" in the menu. See right for page submenu]