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  Is not the following so...?

  It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I for my part disagree. If anyone of us where to be asked to
  write down what we may see in any given picture, the thoughts that are evoked and the feelings that it may arouse in us;
  most of us would find ourselves writing far more than a thousand words. Then remember that as our fingerprints, our
  perceptions as individuals are all quit different. Now add the fact that any individual will find their perception of even the
  same picture to be quite different when viewed at different times in the course of their lives or even in different light
  conditions. When multiplying such factors the resulting total amount of words that could apply to any picture prove to be
  endless. A picture captured in any lens or by any artist’s brush is priceless. It freezes time itself such is the magnitude of
  its power. For we will never find ourselves precisely in the same place in the Universe again or under the same
  circumstances as when any picture was originally orchestrated. Which makes every picture one of a kind forever, with
  meaning beyond any amount of words. WmM

  Just my opinion, which like other things is something we all have...
  It is usually said that when it comes to various works of art that interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. I disagree. Of
  course I disagree with a lot of things as they are or seem to be nowadays. Although the beholder can read into the item
  what they wish, the artist usually had a vision in mind when creating, or developed a vision as the work progressed. I
  personally like to know what the artist’s own interpretation of their vision is, especially if it’s not obvious. Some artists
  seem to just throw something together with no vision and leave it up to the observer to guess what the vision is suppose
  to be. If it’s a mystery, I guess it suppose to attract more interest. l don’t particularly agree with that approach. I don’t think
  it’s an honest approach.

  I think it’s nothing more then throw the paint and let it fall as it does and then take credit for creating the abstract
  masterpiece. And what really troubles me the most about such an approach is those who lend credibility to the
  submission by lauding such as a masterpiece. It reminds me of the classic children’s story “The Emperor’s New
  Clothes”, if you get my inference. Everyone jumps on board so as to be considered informed. [I’m sure I just upset
  the higher echelon of the art community.]

  In my mind all art forms that are born of creative truth begin with a vision [or idea] in the creator’s mind or heart. I’m not
  saying that there is no worth in the throw the paint approach, or that the resulting designs and patterns aren’t interesting
  or even intriguing. I’m just asking... How can true creativity with purposeful meaning and designed outcome from mind,
  heart or spirit ever be attributed as resulting from an act of randomness? Where is the vision? Who should get the credit,
  the artist or the random act? It smacks of the Evolution Theory, does it not? With randomness getting the credit for such
  design, precision and beauty in our lives and in our environment. And I emphasis the word Theory. [Now I’ve upset
  those who’s credentials of higher learning license them in their own minds to raise an eyebrow while looking down on
  those whose eyes and other senses cause them, out of common sense, to embrace the concept of a grand and loving
  creator as being responsible for their existence and the canvas of beauty that surrounds all of us.]

  Anyhow, that is why I will explain my vision concerning any of my work that I may deem to be maybe not that obvious to
  the general observer. Just know, whether any of my work merits applause or not, I didn’t just throw the paint. WmM

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