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 The Vision
[Explanations Continued]

  Symbolism Gallery Continued:

  The Heart Series deals with aspects of the heart. It has been said that the heart is the seat of motivation, which with a
  little experience in life one finds to be true.

  Burning Heart is as the name indicates. A heart of passion burning sometimes uncontrolled and causing devastation.
  The sting of illicitness, which often accompanies a burning heart. The mask of intrigue and secrecy. The heat that an
  inflamed male without scruples and a female who presents as an exotic flower burning from within, together can
  generate. The stained glass signifying that many succumb to worshiping the passion. The wide road of invitation. The
  directional sign welcoming those feeling that they have missed or are missing something, to the hot zone. All is
  portrayed in this work of symbolism.

  Cunning Heart is again as the name indicates. The beauty of seduction opens the door to all who dare to enter.
  Portrayed are representations of the music, mask and whispers of those cunning. And then the enslavement that
  follows. Those young are especially vulnerable to the cunning heart which often my be possessed by one or both. The
  gothic window symbolizes the antiquity of the cunning spirit. The background overcast and foreboding. One could lose
  their way easily. The heart cold, without warmth. Deception rings as truth from the cunning heart. The sign beckons to

  Treacherous Heart is a short step from the cunning heart. Again the gothic window portrays a symbol of antiquity.
  And again an open door beckons but this time alludes to light and brightness that falsely indicates a positive state of
  being. Seduction also again presents itself. Its face interesting, even fascinating. Its words smooth and seducing. But
  the seduction is more then cunning. It is treacherous. It entices the fallen flesh to corruption and sin. Representations
  of such are presented. Corrupted religious & political institutions, sexual perversion and preoccupation, geed, drugs,
  war and violence [the list could go on] call out to those seemingly predisposed or easily indoctrinated. There is no
  innocence here. Just a heart colder then cunning. And darker. A heart with deliberate intention for wickedness as it 's
  only motivation. Concerned only for itself. That wishes to play with the victim before the innocent’s ruination. A heart that
  un-fortunately many today process. Darkness has fallen on those who do posses or succumb to such a heart. The way
  out is discouraging and doubtful for the majority so affected.

  Eventually more items will likely be added to the mind and heart series. After reviewing the negativity portrayed by the
  heart series, presentation of a happy heart would be nice. Don’t you think? [WmM ]

  Future Ride Gallery:

  Nostalgic appearing vehicles of the future. Some portrayed a bit whimsical.

  SciFi Gallery:
  Items are pretty much straight forward in their meaning. Four items I will clarify though.

  Excelanctuary is a futuristic city of refuge based on such provided in the Hebrew Nation of old. A manslayer claiming
  innocence or self-defense could flee to and live in such a city for a type of sanctuary. Rules and regulations applied.
  Read your Bible for the indication [Numbers 35:6] then do the research. The futuristic city portrayed is a melting pot of all
  faiths and provides sanctuary for all crimes whether innocent or not. Just get there with the right political connections.
  And of course the right amount of money buys a ticket.
  Not much different then present justice systems, wouldn’t you say?

 Excelanical a futuristic kit to build a woman. All necessary parts and various selections of optional equipment. Build your
  very own Stepford Wife. Affordable too.

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